Yuquot website
Only a 20-minute flight from Gold River (but my first time in a float plane) we arrived at Yuquot. We were greeted by local elder Ray Williams and his horse (a 4×4 quad). We would learn from Ray that Yuquot means “where the four winds blow”. He threw us and our gear into the trailer and drove us to our cabin. He got a fire started for us in our wood stove and then took off back home for lunch.

After we got settled, we went to Ray’s house and met his wife Terry and their grandson. Ray is an amazing historian for his people. He was excited by the play that we were developing and really helped us understand the area our character comes from and what it would have been like in the early 1900s. Ray and Terri still speak their ancestral language at home and he even taught us some words and how to pronounce them for our script.

Ray was happy to show us the church on the island and tell us the history of the place. Over then next few days Ray and told us stories and history to help us understand the area better. Our cabin had a beautiful view. There is definitely something magical about this place. Ever since I left I have wanted to return.

As Ray said to us “There is something about this place that shows you what you need to do and where you need to go next.” For Sean and myself that would be aboard a boat back to Gold River, a drive and a ferry ride home and then off to Toronto for the Weesageechak festival.

We had to leave Nootka Sound, but not before one of us did a bravery challenge… Sean had to jump in the ocean.