Share your story

We (Raes and Sean) have been friends and collaborating partners since we met in theatre school in 2006. We were inspired to write REDPATCH when Raes learned some new things about his First Nations heritage. We went to the library and read a lot of books! We also traveled to Vancouver Island BC and Toronto, Ontario to learn more about the people and the history of the play.

Did REDPATCH inspire you? How do you want to create and share your story?

You could:
Write a story.
Write a play, perform it for others and film the performance.
Create an audio file like on StoryCorp.
Write a blog and illustrate it with photos.
Create a graphic novel.
Create a video.
Create a movement piece.

We’d love you to share your story with us! Contact us to inspire others to use their creativity to share stories that need to be told.