Sean Harris Oliver

Sean Harris Oliver - Writer/Lead Creator

I was born in Montreal, but my family moved to Kelowna when I was very young, so I grew up in the Okanagan valley. My father’s family comes mostly from Montreal and Saskatchewan, and my mom’s family is from Alberta and the United States. Going back even further, my ancestral line is a big mix between Scottish, English and French.

My dad served in the Afghan war as an orthopaedic surgeon. My grandfather was in World War II as a dentist. I also have an uncle, Peter LaFolley, who was killed in WWI where he served as a fighter pilot.

I’m one of the writers of the script. Me and my friend Raes did a lot of research about WWI and about how First Nations fought for our country. We took all that research (there was a lot of it), and we wrote a theatre play together. The script that Raes and I wrote became the show that you’re about to see. We really hope you enjoy it!