Robert MacDonald

Robert MacDonald CD FSA Scot
Historical and Military Consultant

I was born and raised in Vancouver, and my family has lived in the same house since 1920 – which probably makes us eligible for a CBC documentary or heritage funding as a living-history exhibit in the estate-shark-feeding-frenzy that is Vancouver.

This is my second engagement as Historical Consultant to local theatre (the first was the play “Vimy’) and my role has been to provide accurate advice on the dress, customs and culture of the day so that a) all concerned may more fully understand the character that they portray and b) no member of the audience fastens upon some trivial error of speech or dress and thereby forgets that this is a Historical Drama and not a Documentary.

Having said that, I have found that art often communicates truth in a manner that a mere recitation of fact cannot, and I am very, very impressed with what the writers, cast and crew have achieved here.