Raes Calvert

Raes Calvert - Writer/Actor/Lead Creator

I grew up in Richmond BC, but now I live in Vancouver. Both my parents are from Vancouver. My mother is Métis like me and my father’s side of the family is from England. My grandfather on my mother’s side was born in the interior of BC in a place called Clinton, most of my First Nations family lives in around that area. My grandmother was from Holland and met my grandfather while he was overseas with the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII.

My Grandfather Roy Dougherty was deployed overseas during WWII, he was an MP(Military Police) He met my Grandmother while he was stationed in Holland. My Great Grandfather on my father’s side fought in WWI as a member of the British Army, he survived the war with a bayonet wound.

I am a writer, actor and producer on this project. Sean and I started writing this script about three years ago with the intention of bringing the story of a Métis soldier in WWI to the stage. Using my Maternal Grandfather as an inspiration for the main character, we dove into the research and exploration of First Nations soldiers involvement in WWI. I will also be portraying the role of Half-Blood in the production.