Nyla Carpentier

Nyla Carpentier - Artistic Collaborator

Born and raised in Ottawa, ON – I’m a little this and a little that, all round Canadian I guess with my background being Tahltan, Kaska (First Nations in BC), French and Scottish. Living these past 10 years or so in Raincouver, I mean Vancouver.

My Great-Aunt Vi (Violet) served as a nurse during WWII and was stationed in London during the blitz. I had an Uncle that wanted to be a fighter pilot though couldn’t due to his eye sight and height. Also pretty sure I had ancestors that fought in battles that pre-exist Canada, as I know the Tahltan fought the Tlingit for territory all the time and the Davidsons (Scottish side) also fought the English way back in the day, like 1396 back in the day.

My job is to assist, if you will the wonderful director on bringing the story to life, help lift the images from the page, guess you can call me the assistant director, which is pretty neat! I get to work alongside some pretty awesome and dynamic people, it’s very cool to be part of a collective like this!