Learning Projects

Research and Tell a Story of Your Own

We invite you to encourage your students to find and research a story about someone they know who was involved in a war fought by Canada, and then choose a creative way to share this story. They may choose to tell:
An actual story of a member of their family.
A fictional story based upon historical research.

Our hope is that you will encourage your students to post their projects on the “Share Your Story” page of this website to help validate their work, celebrate their creativity and inspire others.

Students may choose to tell their story by:

Write a story
Write the story in the first person as if they were the main character
Write the story in the third person
Write the story as a journalist

Write a play
Perform the play or read it to the class
Film the performance or record the reading and post it to the REDPATCH Website

Create an audio file
Interview someone who went to war and create an audio file
with a photo. Resource: StoryCorp

Write a blog
Students could record the journey they took to learn about their person
Include photos
Post the blog on the school’s website and/or the REDPATCH Website
Create a graphic novel
Like the REDPATCH graphic novel, have students create their own based upon their research of a Canadian involved in a war.

Create a video
Share a researched fiction or nonfiction story by telling the story in a video format
Use an interview format to tell the story in a documentary style.

Create a movement sequence
In certain sections of REDPATCH, the story is told using movement or choreography instead of words. Have your students tell a story without words and perform what they create for other students.
Film the performances and post them on the REDPATCH Website.

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