Joel D Montgrand

Joel D Montgrand - Actor

I’m originally from a small town called La Ronge in northern Saskatchewan. It was there that I grew up with my mother and her side of the family who are Cree. My Kookum and Mushum (Grandmother and Grandfather) were both taken to residential schools when they were young and when I met my father around the same age as when they were taken, I was introduced to a whole new family and a new culture who have roots in the UK, mostly English, Irish and Scottish.

Thankfully not in my family, but I have this one friend since birth and he was recruited off the reserve after 911 to join up with the Americans. He got a few medals and PTSD in return for his service.

I’m an actor of varying talent. Today may be a good day to act. I will be playing Jonathan and I also hope to lend my thoughts in the development of this work. The folks at Hardline have really put a lot of effort into this.