Main Character from the play

“Half-Blood” is our main character in the play REDPATCH. Although Half-Blood is a fictional character, he was based upon by many great First Nations soldiers who fought in World War I; these soldiers include Francis Pegahmagabow, Henry Norwest and Mike Mountain Horse.

Close to four thousand Native men (Aboriginal, First Nations, Metis) served in the Canadian Forces in the Great War, an extraordinary number given the limited civil rights accorded to these people at the time. Canadian Federal policy extended many post-war benefits to First Nations veterans, however since many men had given up their status in order to enlist, these veterans were denied any benefits upon their return to Canada. Many First Nations soldiers achieved near-legendary status in World War I. These men served valiantly as trench-raiders, scouts and snipers, drawing on their pre-wartime experiences in hunting and wilderness survival.