Genevieve Fleming

Genevieve Fleming - Lead Artistic Collaborator

I’m originally from Moncton New Brunswick, and have been in Vancouver for about 10 years now. My mother’s side of the family is predominately Irish, my father’s is mostly unknown, but I believe there’s some Scottish heritage there. Basically I’m a fourth-generation Mari-timer, though a family friend once traced my mother’s patrilineage all the way back to the 1500s, which I thought was super cool.

My father spent some time in the military in the 60s, I recently learned that he did over 30 parachute jumps as part of his service (how did I not know this?) Nobody really knows anything about my father’s patrilineage because my great-grandfather apparently deserted the army by jumping off a boat on the coast of Nova Scotia and swimming to shore! He would’ve been shot if they caught him, so he changed his name and that’s that.

I’ve been collaborating on REDPATCH since it’s early days. Sean, Raes, and I run Hardline Productions together and have a long history of working together to create new projects. I’m often in the director’s role, however this time around our approach is to work together as a unit to craft the story; we all contribute the best of ourselves to elevate the project.