Emilie LeClerc

Emilie LeClerc - Actor

I grew up in a traditional Québécois family in St-Georges. It’s a relatively small town, about 100 kilometers south of Québec city. My heritage is a mix of French (going back 13 generations) and First Nations. I was never aware of my First Nations heritage growing up, but after being asked again and again what my background was, I had a genealogy search done on my mother’s side. We discovered ancestors of Micmac, Nipissing and Algonquin/Huron Nations.

My immediate family doesn’t have any direct connection to war. However, two of my dad’s uncles served during the Korean War. Also, the father of my partner is a retired military sergent who served peace keeping missions in the Golan Heights and Bosnia. Other fun fact : my grandfather Morin, whom I never had the pleasure of knowing, was the owner of an Auto Parts and War Surplus Store in St-Georges. My mother and her eight siblings spent most of their childhood modifying anything from army boots, wool jackets and bed mattresses to ready them for resale in the family store.

I will be acting in REDPATCH and I am very much looking forward to it! I graduated from Studio 58 the same year as the main Hardline crew and this will be my first time acting in one of their productions. I enjoy theatre that works from the body and movement to create imagery. I’m looking forward to be a part of REDPATCH and to share it with all Canadians.