Christian Ryan

Christian Ryan - Illustrator - Graphic Novelist

I was born and raised on the wind-swept plains of western Kansas (yeah, yeah, I know: I’m not there, anymore). My ancestry, which has been exhaustively researched (because, really, what else is there to do in Kansas?), paints quite an eclectic picture. My mother’s grandparents were Hungarian Jews (who later converted to Catholicism), and my father is the descendant of poor Irish farmers (who were once rich English lords) and the great Cherokee war chief, Tsi’yu-gunsini, known as Dragging Canoe. I came to Canada nearly fifteen years ago seeking fortune and glory, and, well… to literally “get the hell out of Dodge.”

Two of my great-grandfather’s brothers served in WWI, and my great-grandmother’s brother, Paul West, was killed on September 27, 1918 at the Battle of the Argonne Forest, shortly after entering combat. Through my research of “the Great War” I have been overwhelmed with the names and stories of countless other young men who left their homes and sacrificed their lives fighting for the values they held dear, the people they loved, and the generations they would never know.

I am a graphic novelist and will be adapting a selection of REDPATCH to serve as a companion to the play.