Carly Pokoradi

Carly Pokoradi - Assistant Stage Manager

Where do you come from? Can you tell us a bit about your heritage?
I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. My father’s parents and
grandparents immigrated to Canada from Czechoslovakia, before it was divided into two separate countries. My mother’s ancestry is a whole mix of English, Irish, Scottish and more. I moved to Vancouver for school and I’ve lived here for three years.
Do you have any personal connections to a war that Canada has been involved in?
I don’t know much about it because they passed away long before I was born, but my mom tells me that both my father’s grandfathers and one of her grandfathers were involved in WWII. I’ve always regretted not knowing more about my family history and I encourage anyone with the resources to find out as much as possible about their ancestry while they can.
What is your job on REDPATCH? Tell us a bit about that job.
I am the Assistant Stage Manager. I am the Stage Manager’s eyes, ears, and hands backstage during the show. I handle the props and costumes and help the actors before, during, and after the actual performance.