Cameron Anderson

Cameron Anderson - The Video Designer

I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. My parents are prairie folk, dad’s from Medicine Hat, Alberta, mom’s from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I think both of them always wanted to live by the ocean, so they moved out to Tsawwassen when I was a baby. I’m a European mutt, 4th generation Canadian, with bloodlines running through England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and a bit of Turkish, apparently.

My father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all pilots with the air force, dad and granddad serving with Canada, great granddad with England. Dad trained at RMC but never saw combat. Granddad was injured flying for Canada in WWII. Turned out to be fortunate for him, as his nurse became his eventual wife, (and my grandmother to be). Great granddad was a German immigrant who flew for England in WWI. He was told his last name was too German, and legally took on his wife’s. If not for the war, my family name would be Krause.

I’ll be filming video throughout the rehearsals and performances, and editing them together to showcase the dedication and craft of the many talented actors and artists working on this production.