Brad Trenaman

Brad Trenaman - The Lighting Designer

I was born in Kitchener, Ontario and grew up in Nova Scotia before moving back to Ontario to go to university in Toronto where I’ve lived up until a few months ago when I moved to North Vancouver. My family background is a mix of German and British.

I don’t really have any personal connections to a war that Canada has been involved in, although my father spent much of his life with the Canadian Army as a Captain in the Royal Canadian Regiment. I myself have travelled to both Bosnia and Dubai with the Canadian Armed Forces as part of their show tours to entertain the troops.

I’m the Lighting Designer for the show so I’ll be working closely with the rest of the creative team to devise an environment where the performers can effectively tell their story. I’ll rely on a fair amount of modern technology to do this but these are just the tools I use to essentially “paint” with light.